Questions about VPI TNT-MK-IV Platters

Hello all,
I have a friend, who owns a VPI TNT Platter. He notes slippage of the Platter on the Bearing Flange,when clamping an LP. His has a 3-point Pin System, but claims he noticed some Black "Goop" in between Platter, and Bearing Flange? Is this stuff supposed to be there, and was it used by VPI?

My MK-IV all Acrylic Lead Filled Platter never had this Goop, Doesn't ever slip, but my Spinde does have a Rubber O-Ring. He claims his doesn't?

Can any give the low down on the different version Platters of the past? Thanks, Mark
There is supposed to be a rubber washer on the spindle underneath the record @ 1.125" d 0.1" thick

Im sure you can order one from VPI


Hello Peter,
Yes, I understand what you have said, and this is common knowledge. This of course is not what I am speaking of.

This thread was started from another thread I initiated, about the use of a Dial Indicator to zero the vertical runout of a VPI Platter that possesses a three-point balancing system, which as I understand it, the VPI Mk-IV, and TNT Platters used. (perhaps there were others as well?)

Thos onwer noticed a black Goop that was applied to the underside of Platter, almost like a Blu Tack product, which gave adhesion between Platter, and Bearing Flange.

Once he removed it, he then noted Slippage in between Platter, and Bearing when clamping an LP. And yes, he uses the Rubber Washer on top of Platter, and as we basically know, the record clamp will not then properly "dish" the record to give proper, even contact to Platter's surface.

As I mentioned previously, he had noted his TNT Spindle never had a little BlackRubber O-Ring on it, and appears to have no provision for it. My VPI MK-IV Spindle does. My MK-IV Platter has, as his TNT Platter has, has two white reference Dots, one on underside of Platter, and one of the Bearing Flange. Mine has never slipped-veered, but he notes his does, that by the clamping of the record, it veers from these reference Dots. Mark
There shouldn't be any requirement for 'goop' on the bearing flange. I've used the VPI lead filled platter on my TNT for about 20 years and never experienced the slippage your friend reports.
The bearing spindle on the TNT's has o-rings which grip the spindle hole of the platter fairly tightly - in fact it's awkward to lift the platter off without lifting the bearing/ spindle. You'd have to be really torquing down the clamp to move the platter levelling grub screws on the flange.
Does your friend have the o-rings on his spindle?
Which clamp does he use?
Hello Tobes, Thank you for confirming what I suspected.
I might be wrong, but I've pretty much concluded that all of the older non-inverted Bearings, other than the HW-19Jr Platter-Bearing, used a Rubber O-Ring on Spindle.

I assue the person is probably using the One Piece Delrin, or Stainless Steel Clamp, and I did remind him that one is not supposed to tighten an LP to Platter with a death grip force. To clamp LP just enough so that LP edge contacts Platter, and that's it, no more. Mark
Not all of the older non-inverting bearings used o-rings. I have a MK IV upgrade platter/bearing that does not use o-rings. The HW19 MK1-3, to the best of my recollection did not use o-rings. I do have a TNT MK V bearing/spindle on my TNT that does use o-rings.