Questions to Klipsch Heresy IV owners


I like to listen to music at low volume. But I think my current speakers sounds boring and lifeless when I turn the volume down. So I’m considering buying Klipsch Heresy IVs, but I have some questions.

Which speakers did you have before and how did the listening experience change?
Differences in soundstage? Not only width, but height and depth too.
What amplifier do you use?
Do they really need 500 hours of burn in to sound their best?

I’ve seen some calling Heresy IV a more “even” and “smooth” speaker” compared to Heresy III. And being a little less a “rock’n’roll” speaker, but instead a more “allround” speaker.
Can anyone confirm that?


Many horns tend to sound good at low levels. And break-in is subjective best to just use and hear improvements. I haven't owned the smaller models just the top 3 from Klipsch. But have heard many other models in a good num of systems.


Thanks for your opinions.
But I really need to know the differences between Heresy III and IV. Heresy III I thought was too shouty and harsh. At least with those amps and in those two rooms I've heard them.