Quick Question for Tannoy Legacy Arden Owners

Hoping someone can help.  I have a pair of Tannoy Legacy Arden's on order.  In the meantime, I am having stands built for them, but I can't seem to find the dimensions of the base ("plinth"?) that is inset, and somewhat smaller than the actual speaker cabinet.  Need to know that measurement for the new custom stands.  Does anyone know it, or could one of you owners please take a quick measurement?    Many thanks in advance.  


I am sure your Tannoy dealer can get you those dimensions.  Also, Tannoy factory can certainly get you those numbers,

Alas, dealer is out of stock, and none of the Tannoy manuals have that particular dimension.  

I am certain the factory has those dimensions.  maybe not the user manuals.  But factory drawings and manufacturing documents would certainly have it.  Tannoy is a good company.  I suggest you contact them.  

OR possibly check with other Tannoy dealers in different regions (you can look them up) to see if anyone has them in stock and can they take some measurement for you.

should not be too hard to find.