Quick USB question

I currently have a Node (2021) streamer and it has only one USB port.  Does someone make a decent “Y” adapter? I currently have a 4TB hard drive in it and would like to try using the USB as an output to my DAC.

I’m not sure if it will work. Anyway, with one thing going in and the other going out, not at the same time of course.

Thanks in advance.



As a Bluesound Node owner from early 2021, my understanding has been that the USB port is an input point for stored files only and that the device does not interface with a DAC except via coax or optical outputs.  This is the reason I’ll probably upgrade at some future point although the SQ of my Node 2i is certainly satisfying to me at this point, even without an external DAC, and I hope to put 500,000 more miles on it, so to speak, before moving on to something like a Lumin or similar streamer.

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There are cheap and efficient USB port replicators on Amazon. I’d stay away from simple splitters. Google USB bridge.