Quicksilver v4 monos vs CODA Continuum No. 8 Version 1.

What would you prefer for perfectly matching pair of speakers 170 WPC of tubed monoblocks or 300 WPC of Solid State stereo amp with first 18 Watts in Class A ?


If that’s the case why are you asking about Quicksilver tube amps? And for that matter Coda class A amps

Version 1 of CODA Continuum No. 8 is not class A amp. It shouldn’t run hot.
Does QS v4 runs hot ?  Probably, in general for living room tubs will be less appropriate. 

Let’s stay under the topic. It’s not about my preference. I was asking about yours, if you have any. 

I prefer topics like this were never started.

There are about one hundred variables before and after the amp & speaker interface. Every system and listener is unique.

Here's one from a highly unusual perspective:

For me it is the CJ.

It's because given a certain wattage rating the tubes have a much wider high quality working range for my hearing.

(Provided we are matching them with matching speakers, but 1., that was not part of OP, and 2., CJs have no problem driving a vast array of commercial speakers). Pushing class A solid state amps beyond 1% of their peak rated power, and to me they have ALL run out of their high fidelity working range. (While non-class A in general have no high fidelifty working range for my hearing - sure, they sound processed and carefully sculpted, but too unnatural and with unacceptable midrange and highs in general for my perception.)

So, while in this SS case the 320W peak rating is totally irrelevant for me, and this amp would function as a 18W class A when looking at high quality experience. In addition, it's really 1% of that class A that is usable for my demands, aka about 0.2W. The same linear region of the CJ is about 20W that feels high quality to my ears, so we get x100 wider working range from the CJ (x100 more available power for high quality listening). 

Although I use ultra efficient speakers, and 0.2W is about my usual peak demand for loud passages, so even that 18W class A with a usable 0.2W is quite all right for most of my needs.

Indeed, most people do not say what I say about the highs of solids. However, my hearing is quite intact, and I do hear up to 20kHz (despite being 45y old), and any issues above 17kHz are painfully affecting my experience, and I shut such experiences down immediately as i want to keep my hearing intact for the future as well! (BTW that's the secret to avoid losing your hearing: DO NOT LISTEN TO GEAR THAT DESTROY IT!!!!!) -- sorry about shouting, but I'd rather you hear it than lose your hearing....just in case if it's a prority for you, otherwise just ignore and press pg down.... I don't want to offend anyone who thinks otherwise. Just follow your dreams, and enjoy what gives you pleasure, fulfillment, balance and healing.

For those who already lost it and wish you had way better hearing: well, when you have extraordinary hearing it just makes 99% of the even highly regarded gear simply unlistenable!!! So, it's more of a real bad curse than a blessing....

Enjoy the ride, both directions (ss/ tubes) can bring you beauty and fulfillment, provided they are set up with the right synergy and match your needs and hearing.


I prefer topics like this were never started.

There are about one hundred variables before and after the amp & speaker interface. Every system and listener is unique.

I  was talking about one aspect of the topic in this case which is “opinion” :)

I have not heard the QuickSilver monos but at one time owned the CODA #8 and now own the CODA #16. For the price of the #8 I would get this instead.

Krell Duo 300 XD Like new Dealer Ad - US Audio Mart

I owned 2 of these Duo XD amps before and liked them more than the #8. They are smoother sounding than the #8. The amp that I linked above is 300 watts of iBias Class A. It sounds amazing. What that means is that the amp is not super-hot nor wasting a lot of electricity. It is not heavy either.