Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap

Retail $16000, now available for $8k-10k. 

I thought they were well regarded. At least its predecessor the M1 was (Stereophile Class A+) and the M21 is supposedly a step up.  I was poised to get one. I'm on pause now.


I see 2 FS on Agon and 2 FS on USAM none of them are the latest versions that have both the LAN connection & IS2 connection. I feel it's their best DAC. I use their M12 b/c I listen to 80% vinyl and the M12 has one analog input.

(Dealer disclaimer)

Bricasti can upgrade their DACs to current specs. Current spec would include new display (red dot display is the older version), and current MDX (relatively inexpensive). Having both i2S and LAN inputs is not standard spec (at least it’s not shown on the Bricasti Design website), but I believe they can install both inputs if asked. It’s a custom job that requires machining the rear plate. @sksos may know more about this.

If one is able to buy an older Bricasti DAC at a good price, then it might be cost effective to have Bricasti upgrade it versus buying new.

Reach out first to Brian Zolner for upgrade options and pricing. Have the serial number ready from the DAC under consideration.

A quick search on HiFiShark returns four listings for M21 DACs. Two listings are from the same seller. There are two others listed. A total of three. None are current models (the displays are red dot displays), which explains the pricing. Internally, other than the possibility of an older MDX version, there’d be no difference from a new M21 (but reach out to Bricasti Service with the serial numbers, and Joe can verify configuration and update history).

Thanks for the additional info. I didn't know there was an updated version of the M2 one. Food for thought. That's why I come to Audiogon.