Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap

Retail $16000, now available for $8k-10k. 

I thought they were well regarded. At least its predecessor the M1 was (Stereophile Class A+) and the M21 is supposedly a step up.  I was poised to get one. I'm on pause now.


Thanks for the additional info. I didn't know there was an updated version of the M2 one. Food for thought. That's why I come to Audiogon. 

Just spoke with the mothership. You are correct, the M21 display has been upgraded (for $400) but otherwise, no internal changes. A bargain bordering on a steal. 

Having both i2S and LAN inputs is not standard spec

Going forward I believe this will be "standard" having both the LAN & IS2 connections. I brought my own M12 to the Bricasti factory and had the back panel machined to add the IS2 port hole and then they installed the IS2 board as well. I do use their new M19 transport with the IS2 connection and it sounds superb! 

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@tvad I have the M12 not a M21. Not customized just wanted to have BOTH a LAN & IS2 port available so I can switch back and forth between streaming and the M19. We also had another unit updated for a good customer here as well.