Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap

Retail $16000, now available for $8k-10k. 

I thought they were well regarded. At least its predecessor the M1 was (Stereophile Class A+) and the M21 is supposedly a step up.  I was poised to get one. I'm on pause now.



I also installed the Bricasti MDx upgrade board in my Bricasti M21. My system sounds clearer, smoother, more engaging with more musical details. I like it very much and also highly recommend the MDx board upgrade.

Please read the instructions carefully since it requires you disconnect some cables, remove the old board and install the new board. I had someone help me and the job took about 45 minutes (we moved very slowly).

@tvad Had this been offered when I updated my M1 SE to M1 Series 2 a year ago, then I would have done it.

Bricasti had been working on the dual ports for awhile, I beleive I was one of the very 1st to have it completed, this happened in mid Feb of this year. There was a LOT of testing to be completed by Bricasti but it's one of the great things about this company. Most units can be sent back (for a fee) to have almost any updates done. GREAT COMPANY

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Not a comment on Bricasti just used prices in general 50% of retail is the norm or at least it used to be so a $16K item selling for $8-10K seems about right.