Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap

Retail $16000, now available for $8k-10k. 

I thought they were well regarded. At least its predecessor the M1 was (Stereophile Class A+) and the M21 is supposedly a step up.  I was poised to get one. I'm on pause now.


Have a new M1SE DAC with network card. Stream qobuz via audirvana . Couldn't be more pleased. Robert

The Grimm Mu2 is getting a lot of chatter. You may see some Bricasti owners going that way. 

I listened to both the M21 and the Grimm MU2 at AXPONA 2024 last week. Both are outstanding in many regards, but the Grimm may be a bit better in depth and in resolution. Playing the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony through the MU2 was a revelation; I never before heard the chorus so well delineated (in the clarity of individual voices.

That said, I am still tending towards the M21 for my next DAC. My reasons are very down to earth. Bricasti, a US company, has a well-earned reputation for outstanding customer support, whereas Grimm Audio is a new entrant into both the US and into consumer products. In addition, the MU2's reliability is not yet established because it is so new and has so few units in the field. In contrast, the M21 is both a highly flexible and outstandingly performing DAC and one with an outstanding reputation for reliability.

I recently added a Bricasti M21 to my system. The M21’s ladder DAC is an interesting option to have.

I have to say, comparing the M21 to my M1 Series II shows how close the two Delta Sigma DACs are in every aspect. The M1 Series II is for sale, but I could easily decide to keep it and sell the M21. They’re that close.