"All Things Must Pass"-Tower Records Documentary

This looks very interesting. I never lived close to a Tower Records, but did visit a few over the years while traveling.


You are correct. Tower had a store on Topanga Canyon bl. Shelleys had a store on the same street but it was half a mile south. In between the 2 stores was a Toys are us and a see's candy.

I stopped going to Amoeba when I had to go to the bathroom really bad and a security guard told me to go across the street to Jack in the box. Who's runs a huge operation like Amoeba with no bathroom. Terrible management.
I used to go to the Tower Records in Westwood Village, near UCLA.
If I remember it was 2 story. Great jazz selection.

You are right, there was a Tower on the Southbound side of Topanga Canyon in Canoga Park/Woodland Hills. It was indeed just north of Toys R Us and Sees Candy. I moved here in 2006 and it felt new - I want to say that it hadn't been there very long. I have a feeling that it may have been one of their last stores to open. It's possible that it opened after Bdp left the company.

Just guessing
You must be right Marty. I left in 2002, and there was no Tower on Topanga then. They had actually been closing stores, so I'm surprised to hear of that new one.