"Best" DAC for a grand or less

I am looking for a DAC for under a grand . I want something to favor the bass side ,as now my system is a bit on the bright side.I would like it to have a usb port also.My system now is......
Hafler pre amp
Counterpoint solid 1a amp (100 watts)
Nad 515 cd player
Tekton Lore speakers
Ballywho -
No cringing from me. Everyone likes what they like. No sense in getting rid of something that makes you happy and is relatively speaking dirt cheap. I really wanted to like a bunch of things that were less expensive than what I've currently got (Rega DAC gets better every time I listen to it), but they just didn't do everything I was looking for.

The V-DAC is an excellent DAC for the money. I've heard more expensive DACs that either flat out didn't sound as good, or they just weren't worth the premium over it. My only complaint about it was that it didn't groove the way I personally think it should. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Rega DAC hits every note to my ears. Some criticize it's USB limited to 44.1 or 48 implementation, but it's a non-issue to me.
The Music Hall may be a great choice, but Stereo Designs in San Diego also carries the Rega DAC and the Ayre Acoustics QB-9 (which I bought!).

Whoops! My mistake. I meant Stereo Unlimited. I like the guys at Stereo Design. I got my Rotel cd changer and a cheap Salamander rack from their used area.
I would recommend the bel canto dac 1.5. It retails for $1395 but you should be able to get one for $1100 - $1200 new. See link below to excellent review from computer audiophile. Good luck with whatever you decide.