"Best" of the "Universal" players ???.

For CD sound primarily.

I want "super" CD sound; but would much prefer the machine be universal.(I don't want to sacrifice much at all in CD sound to the very best CD only players. However I realize my isolation & conditioning technigues will enable my sound to surpass that of the finest CD player(Spectral?) in some other less refined system)
I tend to feel the Esoteric machines are likely 'best' and the "safest" bet for long term reliability or factory support with parts/upgradability.
Are there any other "universal" machines I should consider?
Do Blue-Ray players play cds and sacds? I cannot imagine that there will be albums released on Blue-Ray as there is so much space on the disc.
Jim swantko, thanks for your input.
Ive never heard any Esoteric player, that's why I relate it to the Wadia 581 which I found had good detail. I am really hoping to confirm the Esoteric UX3-Pi has very, very close to "state of the art" CD playback.
Tbg, I was referring to blue ray being the best, for video, and cheap compared to anything else I have seen.
Why would exclude blu-ray from "universal". It's a potential music format, just like DVD, CD, SACD, mp3, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Oppo has a universal with blu-ray by the next CES.