Looking for IC's between a Plinius Integrated Amp and a CDP(California Audio). It's pretty confusing with all the choices, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Well, looking at the responses so far you won't be less confused after your
post. Sucess of cables is system dependent and any recommendation needs
to be tested in your system. One option to find out is trial and error, based on
general recommendations. Another option would be to look at virtual systems
and see what cables people use with your components. Finally, the cable
company (www.fatwyre.com) recommends cables based on your components
and lets you try out cables for a certain time.

In my opinion, the best value for money can be had with cables from small
manufacturers that have gained good recognition on the forums here. In that
category, I can recommend looking at VH audio (e.g. Pulsar interconnects)
and Ridge Street Audio (e.g. Midnight SIlver Edition cables). Both bested
Kimber Hero, Nordost Blue Heaven, in my system.

In the case of VH Audio you can buy new and return the cables anytime
during a 60 day !!! trial period. As for other manufacturers like Nordost etc.
go used so that you can sell the cables, if you do not like them.

I hope this helps,

audio art cable ic3 the best of all period ,email rick he will help you,it just replaced a very high end cable in my system all for 89.00
A cable I like very much between my CAL Alpha dac and my Jolida 801 integrated is the Canadian-made Clarity Labs Emberglow, silver-plated copper. It sounds natural, open and warm. Looks nice too, if that's a consideration. I think I paid $120 for a pair two years ago.

Here's a link: http://www.responseaudio.com/clarity%20labs.htm
Audio Horizons Series X. Take advantage of their 30-day free trial and have a listen.