"Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" on vinyl

It's finally here. I own most of LW on vinyl. What struck me here is that there is no bloom. The soundstage height isn't beyond speaker height. Sonics seem very respectable.
Agreed. While I'm not disappointed in owning the vinyl copy of this, I'm not as impressed as I should be - I consider it to be one of the finer if not the finest of her catalog. This is an odd LP as well (a European release from Music on Vinyl), almost amounting to a counterfeit/bootleg pressing, as LW didn't sanction this particular reissue and I believe legal wrangling over it is ongoing. Perhaps if she had retained artistic control of the mastering, the results would have been more sonically desirable. Or not.
Hope it's not too good. I was once hooked on CWOAGR, I might become totally addicted again.