"Fastest" 15 Minutes in Music

I just got thru listening to the Chaconne movement of Bach's D minor violin sonata. The title of my post refers to the fact that every time I listen to this thing, time seems to stand still. This piece is monumental, profound, mysterious, tender, nerve-shattering; any adjective you care to come up with falls short. It is a world. How somebody could do (write) all this with one violin is beyond me. Beyond everyody except Bach I guess. Yes, the recording on my system sounds wonderful, as if the player is in the next room, but all audiophile considerations are forgotten in a moment, just leaving this great music. At the risk of sounding banal or hackneyed: this really is what it's all about, isn't it?

Steve O.
Steve - please provide specifics to the Bach composition and recording you are listening to if at all possible. Thanks for the rave.
I agree--that is wonderful, wonderful music. Grab a young person, shut them in the room with this on the hi-fi and tell them they can come out in 15 minutes. The same young person will not walk out of the room a quarter hour later.

My best version of it just now is James Ehnes', on Analekta.
Hey Ghosthouse. I already listed the piece/movement; here are the two recording I have of this:

Julia Fischer on Pentatone: hybrid sacd. Wonderful sound (even on my 20-year-old CD player). Comes with all the Bach Partitas and sonatas (2-cd's and not cheap). This was the one I was listening to tonight.

Hilary Hahn on Sony: Redbook. Sound not as natural as the one above, but I think Hahn's playing is more dynamic and profound. I recommend this one over the former.

Tobias: Very good idea. Who can fail to be moved by this music? I myself was staggering out of the listening room!
I have not heard of the Ehnes; will look into it. I also have orchestral arrangements (Stokowsky and I forget the other). While I enjoy these, the piece is best for solo violin I think.

Steve O.