"Fastest" 15 Minutes in Music

I just got thru listening to the Chaconne movement of Bach's D minor violin sonata. The title of my post refers to the fact that every time I listen to this thing, time seems to stand still. This piece is monumental, profound, mysterious, tender, nerve-shattering; any adjective you care to come up with falls short. It is a world. How somebody could do (write) all this with one violin is beyond me. Beyond everyody except Bach I guess. Yes, the recording on my system sounds wonderful, as if the player is in the next room, but all audiophile considerations are forgotten in a moment, just leaving this great music. At the risk of sounding banal or hackneyed: this really is what it's all about, isn't it?

Steve O.

Yes, that's it, you're right. I called it a sonata, but it's a partita. Ciaccona is the Italian spelling, I believe. Chaconne is the English.
Rich: Not into opera yet; my wife keeps trying. I think we have Aida though...

Steve O.
Good thread. Some of the most valuable things I have gained from Audigon are not equipment related at all. But they enhance the musical experience every bit as much or more than a mega buck upgrade.
Steve O. - thanks for the recommendation ... just picked up the SACD on Amazon for $19 used. You're right ... new is a little pricey ($30).