"Fastest" 15 Minutes in Music

I just got thru listening to the Chaconne movement of Bach's D minor violin sonata. The title of my post refers to the fact that every time I listen to this thing, time seems to stand still. This piece is monumental, profound, mysterious, tender, nerve-shattering; any adjective you care to come up with falls short. It is a world. How somebody could do (write) all this with one violin is beyond me. Beyond everyody except Bach I guess. Yes, the recording on my system sounds wonderful, as if the player is in the next room, but all audiophile considerations are forgotten in a moment, just leaving this great music. At the risk of sounding banal or hackneyed: this really is what it's all about, isn't it?

Steve O.

Give that particular track from Aida a shot. At last year's Stereophile show, I used that track to demo the Dragonfly monitors that the Soundsmith sells. The track has special meaning to me mostly because it was one of the few pieces of music whose sheer intrinsic beauty brought me any sense of peace after my grandson passed away. Long story short, after hearing the aria, Soundsmith's head engineer (Peter) offers to buy the CD from me. I was surprised in a way, because the Soundsmith is truly committed to the vinyl experience and it makes some great sounding vinyl products. I gave Peter the CD ... it's our duty to pass on great music.

Regards, Rich
Bbro: I agree totally. Well said.

Strateahed: you're very welcome. And that's a good price.

Rarl: last post was very moving. I'll be sure to look for that piece tonight. If I don't have it, I'll get it.

Steve O.