"Kisses on the Bottom" by Paul McCartney

Is it just me, or is this the most disgraceful and laughable album title to come along in recent memory? Has he outdone himself this time, or what? The cover art and contents appear to be equally cringeworthy.
Audiofeil - I have the temerity to suggest that as a solo writer/singer, Van Morrison is #2 after Dylan. Paul's solo work is VERY uneven; it doesn't have the consistent weight of Van Morrison's. IMHO - of course.
Neil Young's latest- one of my recent favorites, Paul's not at all. Both wonderful guys - can't always hit a home run. Aging rockers doing an album of standards has become a cliche. Neil's is all originals by the way.
I think Paul should stop singing live. Every time I here him on sing live on TV he sounds horrible.

He's a legend and I do not want his legacy tarnished by goofy "old man" performances.

Gdoodle, I have read several mention that NY's latest LP is excellent. I must add this to my next record order.
It's interesting to me that we're having a conversation about Neil Young not being in the conversation.
Agree that PMs vocals seem to be increasingly rough quite often of late, especially in comparison to his prime.