"Miles Davis Story" on Bravo

Hi, last night I saw, as others of you did I,m sure, the bio on Bravo made a few years ago. A wonderful job with fantastic footage of concerts and many great interviews with musicians, friends, family and others involved. A good concise insite to the man and his music. If you enjoy Miles' music and have a chance to see it in the future, don't miss it. A good job, I do recommend! Cheers
Is this available on video or DVD? Does anyone have a recording they would be willing to sell, lend or copy?

Available on DVD from CMV/Legacy, distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. Catalog/Reference number CVD 54040.

I recently received it as a birthday gift, it is probably available from Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

First saw it on the big screen a year ago at the Denver Jazz Film Series. Excellent production, very well done, was nominated for an Emmy. I think even people who are not Jazz or Miles fans can appreciate his artistry, innovation, and many talents.

Spindrifter, I caught the Miles special last night also. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I was amazed at the caliber of musicians Miles surrounded himself with.

Although, there was one drawback to the whole presentation. The fact that I discovered about 10 albums by Miles that I NEED to have.

Well, there goes next month's budget. :)
Also available from your local library!
I watched it first and decided against buying it although,it is very good.Did anyone watch the Johnny Cash documentary afterwards? I never paid much attention to his music,but after the program I ordered live at Fulsum prison.