"My Dad has a system like that", she said....

Ok, so what characterizes the moments when YOU reconsider this hobby.... :-o
When I find my self listening to music and being distracted by the 'sound' of the audio system. Makes me wonder about my priorities. I'm in one of those stages this week - I'm focusing more on the system resolution and not so much the actual music I'm listening to. Hopefully this will pass before I do. :-)
i could easily see that if you were a) single, b) older, c) without music industry bona-fides, and d) trying to get laid...this hobby not help at all. Fortunately, i'm only b and d.

It took over the living room of our new too-precious-to-us home. Front-and-center: a noobs altar of audiophila.

Had to reign it in, mostly by retreating to more private spaces. But still, made me think for a minute there.

When I found myself spending more time reading about gear then I did listening to it. Sick, but it shocked by out of my gear lust.

For a while anyway.........

I have said this in other threads, but let me repeat: exotic, expensive audio gear strewn about devil may care bachelor pads never hindered and always helped me to meet hot girls, including my wife.

If you think your audio equipment is hurting your social life, it's not. You might take a closer look at your personality and furniture, and/or hire a housekeeper.

The only thing that might ever make me reconsider this obsession is broken or in need of service components which weigh a ton, and incur gigantic shipping and repair charges when sent to overpriced service technicians.

Generally, however, this is still a lot of fun, even > 30 years after I started.