"narrow" amp/blocks options For Bel Canto+Neat


For my computer desk I have some width restrictions. Currently running Marantz HD-DAC1, have pretty much settled on the Bel Canto Pre3 (waiting to find a used one), and am looking for a narrow amp, or narrow monoblocks (height not an issue, up to 11"x11" is ok). These are feeding tiny Neat Iota speakers and a subwoofer.

Priorities is to get the most soundstage, smoothness and musicality out of the Iotas. The amp should also be GREAT at LOW VOLUME! I listen to pretty much every kind of music. I previously used a NAD M3 in this setup and LOVED IT, but I need something narrow. The room is about 10' long x 15' wide.

The Iotas are 84db 6ohm (recom 25-100w). Hence I really don't need a 300w amp... and I don't play high volume anyways.

A couple of EXTREME opposite size options (kinda funny):
- Classe CAM-200 monoblocks (2x w=11.5", h=9.5", 50 pounds)
- Bel Canto S300 (1x w=8.5”, h=3”, 9 pounds)
(I have not heard either)

Since I don't need too much power hopefully this will translate into affordable options. I hope to stay within $1,000-$1,500 (used).

Thx for any suggestions!