"Off" vs. "Standby" and tube life

Hi everyone. I currently have a tubed cd player and a solid state integrated. I want to turn my cd player off when I am not using it to prolong tube life but my integrated sounds much better when left on 24/7. Here's my question - my integrated has a standby switch. When I am powering off my system, can I put the amp into standby and then turn my CD player off. I know I am supposed to power down the amp before powering down the source but does putting it into standby qualify?

I realize that there are differing opinions on whether leaving a tubed piece on all the time is better than turning it off and on but that aside I'm interested in learning more about "standby" vs. "off"

Thanks in advance.
just turn in on 20-30 minutes before listening then shut it off afterwards. No sense in wasting the tube life when not listening.
Been a tube guy for 20 years. I have always shut things down after each session. This refers to amps and pre amps./ My CAT has 10 tubes. To retube my CJ 8's is well over 1k. A one or 2 tube cd player would be best left on 24/7. Cost of retubing a CJ amp or CAT pre, being a big reason why I shut things down.
I am not debating the merits of turning off tubed gear, but in conversation with Jud Barber of Joule Electra, he stated that many of his customers leave their Joule preamps on all of the time. In fact, he informed me that this was a perfectly acceptable practice with his gear and that the tubes should last 6-8 years following this routine.

There certainly have been some compelling reasons as to why this might be a dangerous or counterproductive practice but thought that I would relate another viewpoint that has been expressed from a well respected designer of tubed gear.

FYI, he did not say to follow the same routine with his amps however.

How's that for concrete anaysis. I had many of the best tube amps over the last 12 years and had an over abundance of tube failure. Probably 6-8 times per year!Some very dramatic with capacitors going as well. Most manufacturers always complain that its a bad lot of tubes and not their designs. The supposed best tubes are at a high cost especially matched. I went back to SS for these reasons.