"sandwich" platform for amps

I want ot build a "sandwich" platform for my monoblock amps. I undrstand a "sandwich" approach is best, that is, maybe 3" of acoustic foam layered between either mdf or maple wood shelves. Where dos one buy acoustic foam, and what kind is best; I know it must be very dense. Thanks, larry
What a monumental waste of time.
Vvvvvibration is not your enemy.
The whole world resonates ates ates ates...
Ever see live music on a stage.It rocks.
If you want a project get a roll of 1/4 inch acoustic lead soundproofing and sandwich it with mdf or oiled teak wood if you want. If you hear a sonic improvement you are like me,full of shit and a stupidaso. Enjoy the Hobby, I am getting ready to clean all my connections, even those I don't use.
Hey Stu, here I thought you could just cook...shows how stupid most of your preconceptions are. Did something similar with lead, felt and mdf and now I'm happily full of shit myself. Cheers
Shalom Detlof,
What is it that you did with lead, felt and mdf? Many people are also advocating Maple as a good platform. Nice to see your post. Cheers, Larry
Shalom Larry,
Maple would have indeed been much better, but "real" wood is getting rare here and very expensive to buy. What I did, was to build two amp stands together with and for a friend, who has a pair of 75 kilo Gryphons, using a sandwhich of mfd, felt, lead, felt, mfd. The lead we could salvage from a defunct manufacturing plant for very little money. Since one Gryphon had to be placed very close to a subwoofer, we experimented with the felt to good effect. We placed the sandwich on a welded iron substructure, which again, with spikes, was placed on a big slab of granite. Overkill probably, but now, to quote Stu_pisado ( who certainly is not one...) once again, we are happily full of shit.
I use Vibrapods between two slabs of 3cm granite for my triode amp and power line conditioner in the HT. A 15x12x6"
block of polished blk granite for the PLC in the 2 channel.
GRanite by itself rings like a bell.