"sandwich" platform for amps

I want ot build a "sandwich" platform for my monoblock amps. I undrstand a "sandwich" approach is best, that is, maybe 3" of acoustic foam layered between either mdf or maple wood shelves. Where dos one buy acoustic foam, and what kind is best; I know it must be very dense. Thanks, larry
Yous setup is fascinating. I've experimented with PolyCrystal cones and liked them very much, but for this particular setup, preferred the spikes and ceramic combination, which seemed to give a sort of "airy" quality to the sound. I placed the ceramic plates of about a square inch each, between the granite slab and the cones (rather than spikes) underneath the amp.
Detlof you are right I am a cook and here again would recommend baking a sandwich on your amp versus making a sandwich for your amp. In fact in your honor I am having a "detlof meatloaf" = vegitarian (or meatless, that is the part in your honor...ha ha) meatloaf on white bread with mayo and little bitty (again for you) dill pickles on side. As you are aware of my methods I repeat here for the novice amp cook. Use foil, wrap carefully, lay diretly on amp or build a platform to cook on and turn up the volume. Warm the pickles seperately. Not each pickle just seperate from the sandwich.Both should be toastee and warn in center by the time the Beach Boys finish GOOD VIBRATIONS. Cheers! PS A Bud should suit your palate and complement the "detlof meatloaf" nicely.
Hi Stu, "Detlof meatloaf" ? ...and meatless??? Reminds me of what in the old Harlem of the Thirtees was called a "jellyroll". Now now! Stu pidaso...you don't need to be a shrink to diagnose this as a castration-fantasy. So instead of the Bud,. as you suggest, I'd rather have a Viagra-cocktail first......
Happy cooking and listening (-: