"Sound Bites" by Ken Kessler: anybody has it?

I know this book came out in UK and before ordering it i'm trying toget opinions on it.Is it worth the wait? Thanks a lot.
I bought and read this book last summer. At the time, it was a little difficult to find a copy, and I eventually got one from Music Direct. Currently, I believe its availability has improved -- I just saw it for sale on Amazon.

It is an interesting historical piece, but from the British point of view. It is a smooth compilation from different authors. It recounts the discoveries and passions of early British hifi hobbyists, recalls the histories of key British companies, and describes the evolution of the British hifi press, a significant part of it from a first hand perspective. The development of the U.S. idustry is outlined and somewhat fleshed out with a number of fascinating anecdotes, but it is clearly not the emphasis of the book. Having said all this, I would add that it is well-written and reasonably entertaining for a work of nonfiction.