"Tell the industry what you want" postingboard

Is there any better place to post ideas to the engineers that bring us the best sounding equipment then here. What would you like to tell the ceo's, engineers or designers of high end audio equipment. Do you have any suggestions ideas even your own projects that resulted in great success.
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Of course we design in features that have proved popular and we even look for ideas in other product lines. Sometimes, in spite of having what we think is a strong list of useful features, a product will fall short of sales expectations and other times, some little feature that we think will be little more than a bullet point catches on and a product will outperform our expectations. What I find useful (when it happens) is feedback from actual users or users of other manufacturers products that tell me what we're missing or explain how something like a user interface might be made more intuitive. This can lead to innovations that no one else has.
"Cannot the mbl's be used as reference speakers"
Sure, ok. What else should be the reference for, say cars, beverage to drink, music style, movie genre, what should my house look like, what food should be the reference, what flavor of ice-cream. Just make a list of everything you like so the rest of us will know what it is that we should think is best.
Time and phase accurate speakers. Stop designing speakers around out of phase midrange vs woofers or tweeters to "compensate" for poor electrical and construction.
okay. Let the '70s meet the...next century(?). I want an A/V processor that does it all...or nothing. Let it have the ultimate chip that can put your socks on for you...or not. May it upsample...or not. Let it have all of the imputs...15 pin, component, toslink, DVI, etc. etc., or simple native resolution passthru.

Give me all of the options/possibilities from the '70's. Do it with quality. Give me the choice.