R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius


It is with heavy heart that I bring to you the heart breaking news of the passing of one of audio's true geniuses. Roy Johnson passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. He was a truly brilliant speaker designer, and true friend, and an amazing person. For those of us lucky to have known him as customers or friends we know he was infinitely committed to lending a hand, imparting his wisdom, solving problems and creating some of the most amazing loud speakers ever heard.  There were often gremlins in my system not centered around his loudspeakers and Roy would literally drop everything and help me trace down problems, while all the time educating and teaching me, not for gain, not for money, but because that's who Roy Johnson was. 

He will be greatly missed for his humor, his dedication, and his selflessness in audio and in life.

Rest in Peace Dear Friend,

You Are Loved
After knowing Roy for 8+ years and speaking with him on a nearly a weekly basis I feared this would become his legacy and told him so. I did own several iterations of his speakers, but stopped doing business with him after our last deal.  After that i always told him if he needed money I would rather him ask, then sell me a product I knew he wasn’t able to deliver.

i will add this experience with solo owned business really questions what I will purchase through any sole proprietor in the future.  Comes down to cost and the ability to get service repair at a later time. 

  • I am still looking for anyone who has been contacted in any way following Roy Johnson’s death. There are a lot of us who have been left hanging with money and speakers in Roy’s possession and no word of anyone who is taking responsibility for his business affairs. 
  • I’m sure the family could simply liquidate and pocket the proceeds or Roy could have left a will that included returning goods already paid for to the customers.
  • At this point, all contact numbers and email and website have been terminated. 
  • There has been no effort to leave any way to contact someone responsible.
  • If anyone can help, please leave a reply...
Hey all.... 

I do not know of any of GMAs business dealings but I am a friend of Roys.. I am truly sorry for those who have lost gear and money. All I know is that there really was no plan as far as I can tell. There is nothing left of GMA. It died with Roy. 
Sorry to all who lost both personally and financially. I do not believe there to be any recourse at this point. 
I met Roy once at his place of business.  He was friendly, gracious, and helpful.  I was sorry to hear of his passing, and I'm also sorry to hear that he left unfinished business and that he may not have left any plan or mechanism for finishing that business.

Here are some thoughts about how to proceed, at least preliminarily, for those folks who have claims against Roy's estate and who want to see if there's any chance to recover some or all of their losses without necessarily hiring a lawyer.

1.  Go online and determine the county in which Colorado Springs. Colorado is located.
2.  Then go online and determine whether the Probate Court of that county has records on-line.  Most courts these days have online access to court filings.  If you can't find probate records, then the rest of this post won't be any help.
3.  If you find the Probate Court, then look to see whether a probate proceeding has been opened for the Estate of Roy Johnson.  If one hasn't been, then the rest of this post won't be any help.
4.  If an estate has been opened, then look to see whether there's a deadline for creditors to file claims against the estate.  If there's a deadline that's passed, you may want to stop reading this and do something else with your time because although there may be a way to file a claim after the expiration of the deadline, that's way beyond the scope of these preliminary thoughts.
5.  If the deadline hasn't passed, file a claim against the estate with the court.  The court website should have instructions for doing this.  I'd guess that you could probably also google something like "filing claim against an estate in Colorado" and get some useful information.

Nothing that I've written should be considered legal advice.  If you want legal advice, you should consult a lawyer.

Good luck.
I am reopening this discussion for a specific purpose. I too have long been a fan of Roy's speakers and owned a number of his models. I still have EOS and had ordered (and paid for) the RX (Ribbon Tweeter) upgrade.  I am sad at Roy's passing and I get he was probably doing the best he could do to get through his last years (as all of us will do). 

Having had many emails and discussions around the design, I would like to complete the upgrade, purchase Raal (or equivalent) tweeters and build my own version of the enclosure. I have all the design photos and details. The thing that I am missing is the xover circuit, although I have a photo of the final circuit, I don't have the values for all of the circuit.

So Wondering if anyone out there has more information and is interested in completing this great project for Roy.