R2R Dacs $3K or under

Hi all - I'm looking for impressions and preferences of the following or similar R2R Dacs around $3K or lower:

  • Denafrips Venus
  • Schiit Yggy Analog 2
  • Holo Spring Level 3
  • Soekris DAC1541
I've seen writeups comparing Yggy with Denafrips Terminator but nothing yet comparing Yggy with Venus.


@ tedevang 

I was considering the Yiggy and Halo but got the tips from a good buddy in England but wanted a DAC that was designed for musicality and wouldn't be obsolete with the latest upgrade... Wanted a Audio Note but now have something even better and cheaper :)

Within that range your best options are Metrum Onyx (NOS) and Schiit Yggdrasil (OS). I don't think you can do better than either one at that range or quite a bit above.