Rachmaninoff Conc 2 Mercury Living Presence

I am auditioning the Rachmaninoff - Concerto No. 2 by Byron Janis and Minneapolis Symphony, issued by Mercury Living, can be seen here
It is good recording but I want to ask if anybody had a chance to listen to the same piece issued by a different vinyl maker which they could compare to the above as better recording.
Thank you
I have the original issue, and also have the cd that came afterwards. The vinyl is still the winner.
I have always been partial to the Earl Wild series. Issued by Quintessence in the US, but based upon original British EMI and perhaps even Angel recordings, if memory serves. Chesky Records also re-mastered the same on their label. Absolutely masterful.
To Buconero117 - congrats on that! You are lucky!
To Rtilden - need to check out the Chesky one, thanks for the info. I did listen to Rachmaninoff's Concerto 3 same label and that one seemed to me a better one. May be because I purchased N 2 used hence the different sound quality though the record itself seems fine still glossy.
DGG 138 076. Svjatoslav Richter. Rachmaninoff. Piano Concerto no 2 in C minor. 6 Preludes. The one to have.
Having tired of the safest recommendation, Previn/Ashkenazy, I finally settled on the Rubinstein/Reiner. From '56 I believe? Not a blockbusting recording, but gorgeous, silky strings, very sensible presentation or orchestra and soloist and Rubinstein IMHO strikes a perfect balance between poise and indulgence. Wild is shockingly detached and expedient, (but listen to Rachmaninoff, even more so!) Janis similar but less-so, Cliburn is tasteful but unimaginative. Katchen/Solti so feverish as to be distracting. I find Richter a little "fussy" too, must "something be said" even in the climactic reprise of the Finale's theme? Then there's Ashkenazy/Kondrashin: still a little too much on the "poised" part of the meter for my taste.