Rachmaninoff Conc 2 Mercury Living Presence

I am auditioning the Rachmaninoff - Concerto No. 2 by Byron Janis and Minneapolis Symphony, issued by Mercury Living, can be seen here
It is good recording but I want to ask if anybody had a chance to listen to the same piece issued by a different vinyl maker which they could compare to the above as better recording.
Thank you
Any time! I'm on the lookout for Simon/Slatkin Rachmaninoff on Vox with St Louis, having enjoyed Slatkin's Vox box of the Rachmaninoff Symphonies. They're not "high voltage" performances, but often lovely. What really caught my ear was the sound quality, since these sets were recorded by the Elite team, which did the Ravel Vox box. Now it's my turn: anyone heard it?
I 've owned the Mercury recording in both vinyl and a High res download. The lp was my into to the piece. I hadn't heard it for years until I recently bought the download. It is enjoyable but I prefer the Richter or the Wild recordings listed by others.
A little off topic I guess - I am going to visit the guy at http://www.kensico.org/historic-scenic-tour-27.asp
I live not that far
It's very unusual that I would find myself in near total agreement with someone regarding a half dozen(!) performances of the same piece---in this instance, the Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto. But, that's exactly where I stand with Jdaniel, especially in response to his comments on RCA's Rubinstein/Reiner recording from the early stereo era.