Radical thought- Use 2 pair of speakers

Ok this sounds crazy at first but, is it possible and practical to hook up two sets of speakers for your mains. Each pair has it's own unique characteristics to why not add them together? It is still a 2 channel system. A bigger sound stage? If you have two matched amps, dedicate one to each? I know there are many reason why this cuts accross conventional logic but has anyone tested this theory?
Tarsando...Professor Bose had a 24-driver (mono) system in the MIT music library in 1961. I don't know when the "sweet 16" project was published.

The Megaline speakers which Albertporter praises are described as a "line array". (Line arrays can sound great). However, the Megalines actually consist of three enclosures which are stacked.
Hmmm. sounds like this could be fun to try. I will have to wait until my larger towers are repaired...waiting for tweeters. I will let you know what happens but the plan is to place them in the same plane.
A while ago, just for the fun of it, I did a "stacked" Eminent Technology LFT-8A speaker system. Had eight channels totalling 2,400 watts into 4 ohms pumping into them biwired. I tell you, it was one of the most wickely huge sounds I've ever heard from a system. There are many times I wish I still had it set up because it made me FEEL I was at a concert. It literally made "wall to wall" sound stage. I had two Vandersteen subs going as well. A system built for pure fun and I sure did have it! Enjoy playing around with it! This hobby is supposed to be fun!
Just throwing different brand speakers together may result in something similar to what the college cafeteria does with leftovers... could get messy.
Eldartford--interesting. My memory is not pinpoint by any means but I wouldn't be surprised if the Sweet 16 article dated from the very late '50's. I could research it but won't--could be that I am just plain wrong. Thanks for the info.