Radio Signal interference

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Why am I gearing the faint sound of radio talk show through both of my systems ( main and bdledroom) when music is not playing? I think in the main system it has been isolated to the main amp and connection to the speakers.tye sound still happens when the preamp and TV are off and amp is on.

 Associated equipment:

SOURCES: Blue sound node 2, TV, project debut carbon tt
Preamp: NAD C 165BEE
Amp: red dragon s500
Speaker Cable: Audio Magic Excalibur
IC'S: anticable level 1 and generic node 2 cable. 

I think ferrite chokes may help but you'll need the right one. Some are real magnets and some are soft ferrite and not real magnets. And depending on the metal used, they cover different frequencies.

Here is a great and really in depth link to RF intefernce that made my eyes glaze over: it's really technical. At the beginning of the article, it states that RFI usually gets into you system through cable ends that aren't well made as well as other places. 

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Thanks one and all. Very much appreciated. I will.look into ferrite chokes to start. 

FWIW, a snap on ferrite choke did cure an RFI problem I had that was caused by LED lights. 
I’m pretty sure I never had any luck with ferrite chokes on audio cables or power cords. However I did have good results with large ferrite chokes, the nice big fat ones, on power cords of appliances like computers, TVs and refrigerators. I had excellent results with Shun Mook Original Cable Wraps on speaker cables and interconnects wrapped around the center of the cables. Ditto the Highwire spiral cable wraps.