Raidho C1.1

Which subs would mate well the the Raidho C1.1's?
Hi guys,

I had a Rel Stentor 3 for 4 years in my system (which complemented a set of
Focal Utopia Micro Be speakers). While I was quite happy with the REL (and the
whole system for that matter) I am reluctant to recommend it. After starting
doing measurements in my room, I have learnt, with surprise, that the REL
could not go very low, i.e. its output went down very very quick below 35 - 30
Hz. In fact, I do not think the subwoofer can actually play 20 Hz tones, as I have
move it all over my room without any success. Currently, I can measure 18 Hz
tones in my room at both loud, i.e. 80 - 85 dB, and soft, i.e. 60 - 65 dB levels.
(What I consider loud and soft volume levels, of course.)

Also, IMO any sub that comes without electronic equalization has a serious
handicap these days.
The Raidho C1.1 deserve a much better subwoofer than the REL T9. We talk about a 12k euros pair of speakers and a 900 euros subwoofer ...