Raidho just announced new D .1 models

I am ordering some Raidho speakers and the dealer just informed me they are releasing a new .1 model at CES.

"New motor system, new ventilation system. What do you get for the money: better efficiency, better power handling, better dynamic head room, and first of all much more music."

Would I be crazy buying the new D1.1 or D2.1 without hearing them first?
I haven't heard them yet but here is a link to someone who has them.
Page 19 post # 183 for the D3.1's - He originally had the D3 V2

As a side note my local dealer should have his D4.1's. Otherwise he only has the D1.1's with the D2.1 & D3.1's that should be in probably late next month hopefully when he gets his B&M store open.
Thanks xti16.  Just curious cuz DHL picked up my D3's yesterday so my count down has started.
Congrats and I think you'll be impressed. I owned the D1's for almost a year before upgrading to the D2's. I heard the D1.1's at Axpona and for what I heard it was like an entirely different speaker (faster) yet kept that Raidho D series sound. My concern with Axpona is they used the top of the line Ansuz DT-C cables. So since I've had 3 different demos (one in my home with Lars) with Ansuz products I will say they make a pretty considerable difference like an even blacker background resulting in a more open/holographic and natural sound. But those products do come with a pretty hefty price tag. They brought my current system to the next level which I didn't think was possible as good as everything already sounded. Sorry I sent this to Dracule1. I won't even respond to his other thread. It's a long read but it does explain my opinion but in better words.
What are they saying for lead time for the upgrade? 
They still can't confirm a turnaround. I have been trying since March to get into the que. They will update the delivery date when they get my speakers.