Ram reissiue

Anyone heard this yet? What about the mono?
Purchased the CD special edition. Mixed bag on the remastering. What was the original Side 1 of the RAM album was remastered poorly. Of course, this assumes that they had good masters to work with. The worst example is 'Smile Away', the Side 1 closer. There is an audible buzzing/ distortion in the right channel throughout almost all of the song. The Side 2 songs fared better and the closer 'Backseat of My Car' actually sounds pretty good. I played this album to death when I was in High School and it never played like a well recorded album, though back then it was on a $200 SONY 161 three piece compact and not the little $4k office system I am listening on now.

Dear Rar1-That sucks...guess I'll pass on this re-release of an album I positively love. Audible distortion? How does that get past what must be a committee of re-mastering engineers? I mean it's not like a kid in a room doing this w/o any checks and balances in the chain, right?
This is one of those albums that's so easy to find in good condition as an original ( other than the mono). I see no reason to fork out top dollar on a reissue that probably can't equal let alone top the original.