Randy Meisner Has Died

One of the founding members of the Eagles, Randy Meisner, has died at the age of 77. I don't know much about his career after the Eagles, but the fact that he was there at the beginning makes his death a loss for everyone who liked the group. I'll never forget the first time I heard 'Take It Easy' on the radio in 1972, and asked the question "Who are those guys?". Then came 'Witchy Woman', and I was hooked.


Based on a mini review in The Sensible Sound I picked up this CD and have been playing it ever since. Meisner Swan, Rich ... a country super group.





I don't remember everything but I feel I was one of the lucky ones that got to see the Eagles on the Yes Close to the Edge tour in 72' at the Music hall in Boston. If I remember right they got about a 10 min standing ovation and came back out and played for about another hour. I was really impressed with them considering I had only heard two of their songs, They were spotlighting Desperado. 

I was mostly interested in his work with Poco (Timothy Schmidt replaced him there when he left for the Eagles, and then replaced him in the Eagles) and HIS projects. BTW, I prefer the Jack Temption (the writer) version of, Peaceful Easy Feeling to the Eagles cover, as I do most of the songs they covered (like Jackson Brown's Take It Easy). It was pretty dang hard to escape the Eagles back in the day. Payola? I don't begrudge him his payday with the Eagles though. I can testify COPD is not a pleasant way to leave this Earth. R.I.P. Randy