Rank the top reference DACs you've heard

Usually the battle goes between DCS Vivaldi set and MSB Select II.

However, since Swiss/Japanese (boutique level) DACs are usually out of reach, we rarely read about ultra high end DACs and where they fit with the rest of the league ($5000-$100,000) price range. 

There are other topologies and SOTA designs floating around, what comes to mind:
- new DCS (above Vivaldi) flagship to be announced
- Wadax Atlantis Reference
- Esoteric Grandioso D1X (Dual Mono)
- TotalDAC Twelve Mk2
- Lampizator Golden Gate 2
- Chord Dave+mscaler
- CH Precision C1+X1 (Dual Mono) 
- Soulution 760
- Aries Cerat Kassandra Ref
- Aqua La Scala mkII Optologic
- EMM Labs DV2/DA2

I mentioned flagship DACs only since the list will be bigger and we will lose focus of the subject. It is interesting to know some of us "lurkers" or who has reached audio nirvana with his choice of DAC and what did he it compare with. The more input we get, the clearer the big picture will be. 

Let's go!
I now own a Lampizator Atlantic TRP which I love (tonally right, spatially excellent, detail just right).  I've recently heard the full dCS Vivaldi stack (CD/DAC/Clock) in a friend's system (with top-line CJ and VAC tube gear) and the contrast was shocking.  Two completely different sonic styles.  I personally found the level of microscopic detail in the dCS artificial, edgy, and lacking in spatial realness, although the right speaker cables helped balance it out.  Went home to my Lampizator and could relax again.  After hearing my mid-level Lampizator, the same friend has a Lampizator Pacific on order now...
Audio GD 7r he mk2. Nos mode with vinyl simulator. This sounds fantastic. Best i have heard. 
Greetings, I recently upgraded to Lampizator Pacific and would add it to your list.  It is nothing short of phenomenal.   
Bricasti make several very good sounding dacs-streamers 
A. potent combination.
Any comment or experiences with Wavelength Cosecant V3? I am considering a purchase.