Rant against the industry with hopes for discussion on positive change

As a 20 year hobbyist who has worked around the industry and made tons of contacts I really worry about the future of this hobby. 

For the last 30 years the industry has catered to an aging  clientele which I can tell you as a used gear guy a large percentage of my inventory comes from audiophiles who have passed away and at 38 i rarely meet people my age or near who are hobbyists. 

The industry is about the shadiest mainstream industry that has fought standards tooth and nail which is why amp and speaker ratings are all over the place confusing and discouraging the casual consumer. 

Millenials and Gen Z have spoken loudly that they won’t support shady business practices however market trends show that like audiophiles they bought a cheap Bluetooth speaker, than eventually a better and eventually a nice one. They want a option that is currently really only available from Devialet and a couple other manufactures. 

Also sales people use the technique that “you don’t know how to listen to music, you need to sit motionless in one spot” music reproduction needs to adapt to modern life where people are living smaller spaces with far more media options than ever before. 

As a guy on the border of Gen X and millennial I’ve built 4 rigs for friends over the years because I always get the response of “I can’t give up a whole wall, that’s insane” 


I would really like to see a company make a 12” and 15” Tannoy gold tv stand with volume control, bass, treble and loudness knobs as well as USB charging with an outlet strip on the back and a shelf for a PS5 or Xbox… that way they get big clean sound for example


What are y’all’s thoughts on ways the industry can still thrive and meet the new demands of consumers while getting good music to more people? Without a new influx I don’t see how the majority of brands and brick and mortars and stay on business due to a decline in clientele


Everyone starts somewhere.

In the late 1950’s, from the age of nine to fourteen, my "system" was a battery powered portable Sylvania transistor radio with seven (7) transistors that in the high altitude air of West Texas would pull in AM stations from Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, Oklahoma City and the Mexican border stations, "Put your hands on the radio and pray with me."

I learned to appreciate all of it, blues, pop, R&B, country and now, in my late 70s, I still appreciate all of it, plus classical, fado, West African and many others.

Yes, I appreciate it more because of my Raven Audio Blackhawk and Reference 3A de Capos but it was the music I was chasing, not the hardware.

Audiotroy - it’s only about getting 1-2% as it’s been forever… currently we have WAY less than that

Table Jockey - No doubt that every industry has a questionable side. Our barely has an honest corner however…


I ran a used gear store selling value and quality in honest business. The cost to open a production facility, set up distribution and marketing etc. is pretty prohibitive even if you have plenty of capital for most projects, it’s much better suited to a company that already has these things in place. 

I’ve worked around this industry for 20 years. It’s just not that easy

They're already doing what you ask for. Active streaming speakers have future fi built in and the young'uns are going for that. Everything you'll need is built into the speakers from streaming to TV along with all the apps they can eat.

Industry is not catering anymore to the audiophile of old, rather, they have their sights set on the present and next generation of listeners. And, they can still sound great since it's a blending or melding of old tech and new.


All the best,