Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint

In our search for a new house, I’m seeing some disturbing and annoying trends, mainly, living rooms where the ONLY place to put a TV is way high above a fireplace. This leaves zero flexibility for tv placement, additional audio components etc. Most don’t even have plugs. I'm also in Texas and there's ZERO need for a fireplace.

Not to mention all the "open concepts" we’re seeing where the living room is strangely shaped and the kitchen is basically in the room where you hear all the kitchen noise and you’re 100% accessible to your spouse and their conversation (ramblings).

This isn’t a problem if you have $2m to spend but for most of us, we’re limited in where we can set up our toys and this does not help.

Thank you for listening.



I can’t argue with this -- it makes perfect sense, given your priorities!

Agree again. Absolutely depends on one’s objective and desires. I can easily see some people preferring an open floor plan design. Just not the better solution for me. With a separate 1st floor spacious two-story family room for TV/movies and a separate finished basement living space for audio all is good for my situation.


@dtximages : 

“Speaking of....  are you amazed at how many men come into your home and don't comment or even look twice at the system you're so proud of?”

You nailed it.  99% of the men who visit ignore the system, which is flanked by tall Magnepan speakers!  You’d think it would be like bees to honey, but nope, they just join- in on the small-talk in the room. I think many of them have been threatened by their wives: “Don’t even think about it!”.