Rap music on high-end speakers


I have audiophile taste in gear, but not in music. I listen to rap music, and occansionaly R&B. Is there anyone out there like me? What do you listen for when buying gear? I was wondering what are the benefits in getting better gear? I want to upgrade the speakers to either proac response 3.8 or wilson cubs. Here is my system:

Levinson No.23
aranov ls-9000
Platinum audio reference 2
Paradigm servo 15
kimber speaker wire
esoteric component wires
amc cdm7
Listen to whatever you want to. I listen to R&B and Jazz (non traditional mostly) and I'm into highend. I was at a highend shop once where this guy put in a rap CD and the salesman almost died. The customer asked him what the problem was and he replied that he should be listening to something else (more audiophile like). Well the customer got another salesman and ended up buying a pair of B&W 801s. I guess the original salesman pick that one right. Look if you are the customer and you are the one who is is going to live with the speakers play whatever music you are going to be listening to when you go try out speakers. Whenever I go I always take CDs that I know and most of the time people don't like it but I don't care because I'm the one buying.
Do you actually sit there and critically listen to rap music, for its "sonic charachter" or "musical content" if that is the case you should get your head examined, sure listen to what ever you want(I have a few Rap CD's). But listen to that stuff cranked with some friends over, don't sit in the dark, drinking some "henney" and critically listen to the latest Lil' Wayne, it just is not intendid for that type of accurate reproduction.
Natalie, thank you for saying it like it is about rap music; there is nothing elitist about saying rap has about as musicality as bose equipment has audiophile-like quality; come on people, didn't the recent events of this year wake up those who had problems expressing an opinion, even if that opinion means putting down something or someone
Hey everyone,

thanks for all of the responses. Danvect, whats so funny? I am serious here. Natalie, I think you own a Bose system. Also think about this. Why would recording artists use expensive gear to record and playback their music. Even if its rap, they need good equipment to hear what they recorded. Albertporter, you have no clue what you are talking about. I hope you are joking. Tireguy, same goes to you about the expensive gear that they use to record their music. No I dont sit there and listen to the sonic character. But I do listen to how good it sounds on my system. Any music sounds better on a good system no matter what. Even if I wanted to sit in the dark and critically listen to Lil'Wayne. Why was it not intended for this? Come on smartie. It is music isnt it? Bryans, I know what you mean. I have had this done to me many times. It is kind of funny. To the rest of you guys, thanks again for the comments. I want to hear more comments.
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