Rate my rig

Rate my rig here
"Dude I don't upgrade, I mean do you upgrade your wife, I buy what I want."
Um, Yes I did upgrade my wife. Its called getting remarried.
You may want to appologize for your poor word choice "dumb little punk faggots." Statistically 10% of our Audiogon members are gay, and this may be offensive to some. It's even offensive to many straight people.

As far as the premise of this thread, at first I too thought is was a weak idea, to ask others to rate a rig based on a YouTube video, but it appears Slicric was not asking the public to comment on the sound. We all post our systems on the system pages ,and people comment on what the sound of the system may or must sound like. I'm sure most of the commentors have not heard all or even any of equipment mentioned. So his video is basically his system page. So really he is just asking for comments on his system which we all do.
A few people on here have the intellect of a small child and I can tell who they are. To respond to the comments they make will just incite more silly nonsense from them because Audiogon and the forums are their life and family. I pity the fools.
02-11-13: Slikric3000
A few people on here have the intellect of a small child

Reading through this thread, it seems like your estimate of a 'few' is a vast understatement, with you leading the parade.
This thread simply serves the purpose of proving why forum boards NEED moderators.
"I have since sold the cam for $20 to finance a better cam, a Canon with mic jack, also picked up a krell dac, when my Classe gets out of the shop and I do some mic rolling I am going to post a rate my rig mk2."

Where is Mk2 so we can rate?