Raven 300B integrated

Anyone have experience with The Raven 300B?


Fishy because it was deleted or fishy for other reasons?  Wasn’t that MC’s thread?

Interesting… they seem well built, priced right and proud of their work.  Read through some of the linked discussions from a few years ago and can’t figure out what that was all about with KD and PrimaLuna.  I don’t find PL compelling and am Chinese product averse, so I seek products made elsewhere as a general rule.  I’ve got Klipsch Lascala’s and am looking for a 300B as an alternate amp. 

I could care less about the old war between Raven and PL.  I had a Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 amp that powered Sonus Faber and Wilson Audio speakers.  It was a super amplifier for me.  To the Op, I suggest you call Dave Thomson of Raven.  He uses a 300B in his personal system.  There really is not a lot of the Raven 300B's in the marketplace.  

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