Raven vs primaluna integrated amplifiers

I have a pair of tannoy XT6F’s and I’m looking to pair them with a tube amplifier. I was originally looking at the primaluna evo 100 or 200 but the idea of spending that kind of money on a product made in China turns me off a bit. I recently looked into raven audio’s nighthawk mk3 and it’s definitely got me intrigued. Any thoughts or input on this pairing would be awesome. I’m open to other suggestions as well. I’d like to stay under $3000.
thank you
arafiq, There is no reason to pay attention because he has no credibility. Leave the clown alone and soon he will have no one left but the other clowns to talk to. If you want to figure out who I am talking about simply pick any of the many threads that go on for pages with nothing but the same few people throwing barbs back and forth at each other. Clowns.

my Monitor Audio Gold’s are made by a company based in England but manufactured in China. However, these speakers were purchased year’s ago and before I fully understood China’s policies and true intentions. I sincerely believe most people in China are good. However, they have been brainwashed by the CCP much like what NAZI Germany did to the people of Germany prior to WWII. My apologies for continuing this political rant on an audio blog but I feel very strongly about what is taking place in our nation and across the globe. People need to wake up and realize that if we fail to take action our children and grandchildren may one day be forced to speak Mandarin. The action I take is to support politicians who share my views and make a conscience effort to look at every label and first, purchase products made in USA and second, those not made in Communist countries. Purchasing anything "made in China" is the equivalent of feeding the monster that is going to eat you. God Bless America!
This post got no traction because the usual clowns can find nowhere to get a grip on tearing it apart. Especially since you, like me, once thought differently and are not ashamed to admit to owning some made in China. This shows we are willing and able to learn. Clowns never do. We correctly distinguish between the people and the CCP. Clowns cannot compute. Worst of all we know history, recognize patterns, and are not shy about trying to roust those around us to wake the you know what up!  

At this point, to judge by the most prolific posters, it would seem they are all deep in dream sleep. But this is why I keep talking about all the people who avoid posting but PM me directly instead. We are sounding the alarm, and we are reaching way more people than you think.
Glupson, audio2design and twoleftears I want to thank you for allowing me to live rent free in your head for the last couple of days.

There is a lot of room in here so I am subletting space to @millercarbon and @arafiq. 
Again your obsessions are not good for your mental health.
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