Rawson Amps

Does anyone know the difference between the various Rawson amps and have an opinion on the nicest (Aleph, Aleph J, F-1-2-3, Gainclone). I have a nice sounding 60 wpc Gainclone and I want to try another. Any recomendatios or insights are appreciated.
I know nothing about the quality or performance of the Rawson product. I do agree that it is inappropriate, and probably illegal, to sell Pass's designs commercially.
Two questions, Extra-action:

1. Have you owned a Rawson amp or had any personal experience that would support your statement that the amps are "often poorly constructed with dubious electrical safety standards"?

2. Do you honestly believe that Mr. Pass is losing business to Mr. Rawson?

I have owned several Rawson amps and found them to be reliable and a good value for the money. Clearly they are not being passed off as anything other than what they are.

Just my two cents.
I have had the opportunity to look inside a Rawson built amp (two years ago at Burning Amp), and it may have been an anomaly, but there was some scary wiring going on. So yes i do have direct experience with these amps.
And just like a pirated copy of Windows or Auto cad is good value for money, it is still stolen intellectual property. As a designer who has to trademark and copy right everything i take personal offense to these practices
Rationalise it anyway you like, selling and trading Rawson amps is morally dubious, at least for me anyway... just my two cents
Extra action: Nice system that you put together, is your DIY Krell KSA 50 clone considered stolen intellectual property? SInce purchasing the rawson amp, I googled and read up on Nelson Pass I'm tempted to purchase a Nelson Pass Preamp so in my case Rawson's amps has served as free marketing for Nelson Pass.