Rawson Resale......

I've noticed that no one holds onto a Rawson amp for very long. Everyone raves but can't wait to unload it...now that doesn't make sense. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?
I want to go on the record I 'possibly' own the best sounding amp I have ever owned,be it tube or solid state,and the amp only cost me $235 shipped.
A Rawson Aleph Mini J
I had a Pass Labs Aleph-3 a few years ago,and made a blunder by selling it in favor of speakers that were a hard to drive 4 ohm 88dB
I've longed for the sound of the Aleph-3 since the day I sold it.
I have very easy to drive speakers now,but not the funds to buy another Aleph-3.
I was skeptical if a Rawson Aleph would come even close to the sound quality of the $2500 retail Aleph-3
I have to say,if my memory is right,the Aleph Mini J sounds as good or even better than my old Aleph-3.
The J-Fets in the Mini J gives it more high frequency detail and better sparkle than I remember my Aleph-3 having.

You may see my Mini J for sale one day and you can say "There's another guy that cant wait to unload it"
If I ever sell my Mini J,it will be to buy a different Rawson amp.
I doubt that will happen though,this amps a keeper.
Ihave a pair of class d amps from him that I got last year used. I love them.Phil Brady.
Guys, I've been watching Agon forever! I just never posted before and have a keen interest in Class D amps. Seeing the turnover of his amps is quite noticeable.
I may be the biggest AudiogoN junkie alive.
For over 10 years I've I've hit 'new today' at least 20 times a day. Always on the look out for a killer deal I cant afford.
T.Rawson's amps show up now and then.
In fact,I count about 5 in the listings.
All sold but 1, and I know when a Rawson amp is posted for sale,it sells in a nano second or less.
When I bought my Mini Aleph J Tim posted the ad ~ 2am est. I of course was on AudiogoN and saw the ad right away and fired off an offer then went to bed.
When I got up I had a email from Tim accepting my offer.Tim was kind enough to wait until I got my lazy ass out of bed to confirm the deal. He had others waiting in line for this amp.If Tim hadnt posted the ad so late at night and wasnt as kind as he is,I never would have scored this awesome mini J.
Tim deleted the ad right after we confirmed the deal as he was buried with offers for it.
Tim told me he was building a Aleph-5 clone the weekend coming up and I waited anxiously to see his newest work of art.
I never did get to see it.A bud of mine emailed me and said he saw it, for about 10 minutes- before the ad was deleted.
As I've mentioned before,my Aleph Mini J sounds at least as good as my old Pass Labs Aleph-3.
That's quite a feat to pull off.

Wwoof01, if you have been watching AudiogoN 'forever' you should have learned by now there's a 101 reasons people sell a very popular,over achieving, hot selling item. nuff said..