Rawson Resale......

I've noticed that no one holds onto a Rawson amp for very long. Everyone raves but can't wait to unload it...now that doesn't make sense. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?
tim has been a source of inspiration and a total enabler for me in this hobby for 3 years now. without tim i would have shipped all this stuff off years ago.

i check the pulse of the market regularly. the fastest velocity of any sale is consistantly tim rawson amps, hands down. there is a reason for it -- tim makes great stuff without question and without compromise.

regarding cosmetics... get out of the Matrix! free yourself! I have asked tim to build me stuff on plyboard before, i have also asked tim to build me an amp with whatever was lying around. tim has also pimped things for me with the finest parts. its great fun and a learning process.

tim has allowed me to build a world class system on a real world budget. we have exchanged great information and I have learned much from him through the years.

his efforts and contribution to the community should be applauded. there are so many diyers out there who do not selflessly share their efforts the way tim does. he doesnt have to do this, heck, sometimes he doesnt even want to do this lol, but he does anyway -- for the benefit of others.

thanks again tim and I hope you continue to build these creations for years to come!
Tim opened my eyes to the chip amp experience a couple of years ago and I have not looked back. I have owned several of his amps and a preamp and sold them with no problems. Tim's name is well known as you can see and that's why his offerings go quickly. I still have the bpa 300 he built for me and it sounds great. As always I look for his new creations from time to time and always encourge him to press on in times of fustration in this crazy hobby of ours. Keep the soldering iron hot my friend.
Tims a great guy. As he said he copys others work so cant sell on his own also think URL certification would be needed to sell in mass but not sure. But I do know Tim makes nice Kit at a very low price, glad hes about. Since he sells mostly off agon [this I asume] I can see why his works shows up on agon.
I bought one of Tim's Pass clones last year. If you can find a better NEW amp (class A!) for $300, buy it. My money says you can't. I may end up selling mine too, but that's what some of us with this hobby do. We enjoy trying out different components. Tim's amp performs flawlessly, and I'll bet it has an excellent resale value. A great conversation piece as well. I notice when resold, they are snatched up rather quickly.