Rawson Resale......

I've noticed that no one holds onto a Rawson amp for very long. Everyone raves but can't wait to unload it...now that doesn't make sense. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?
So how does one buy an amp from Mr. Rawson?

He does not respond here or to his e-mails.

One keeps their eye on the classifieds here on Audiogon. He has an amp for sale right now, and had another this morning but it's gone already, meaning he sold it right away. I got lucky with mine as he posted it late at night and I saw it quickly.

I think he's trying to get away from making amps build-to-order because he's starting to get treated like a manufacturer, rather than just a hobbyist who likes to build and try amps.

I got a First Watt F4 clone that's fabulous with my Druids. I had bought the PC boards to build it myself, but his price was low enough it made more sense to just buy his already built. He's also been very helpful with my follow-up questions.

Tim stays busy with his offerings and may not respond right away. He however will give you any info you need before treading the waters. I may be looking to unload a dual mono bpa 300 shorly. Tim built this special and this version has two trannies for true dual mono output.
Well, I appreciate the input and have a fascination for "Class D". But, first and foremost, I'm the typical broke audiophile and that's why I am interested in his products--cosmetics be damned. 8^) (I mean I have a gray metal chassis Decware Zen!)

I just posted a query on the LM4780 and was wondering if anyone has heard those chips implemented?

4780 is 2 3886's on chip. typically the 2 parts are paralleled to create more power for low imp loads. though can be bridged to but need to run low rail voltage so stable for various loads. audiosector and tech-diy sell 4780 kits. i don't make 4780's since my boards are for 3886 and some for 1875, definitely need fabbed board for 4780. plus need to electrically insulate from heatsink. in general easy enough for me to just put two 3886 together myself. lastly, find single 3886 works well enough and only need multichip parallel if driving tough load - in which case you might want to consider a different type of amp to begin with.