Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"

I agree with Ray Charles.





The easiest thing to have online is an opinion.

So here‘s mine: To me whatever Sting did in the last 40 years barely qualifies as music. It doesn’t do anything for me; I can’t learn anything from it. His post-Police stuff is either boring or masturbatory noodling--I could do that when I was 7. All you have to do is learn your instrument well and forget all about putting your heart in it. That’s nothing. That’s [expletive].

But that‘s just me.

Please discuss.

Once again, if you think this definition defines rap, be my guest.





  1. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.
  2. Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm.
  3. A musical composition.