Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"

I agree with Ray Charles.





@parnelligq I think you're missing the point. My feelings were never hurt. This has nothing to do with me and more about presumptions, biases, and labelling of a musical genre most respondents frankly know little about. 

I would have done the same for any genre, really, even modern country - as a musician I know how hard that is to play and to play well even if the musical integrity is dubious. 

And no, you didn't engage in any personal attacks; however, making obviously unfounded and unknowledgeable statements like, "RAP is a way for people with no ability to sing to get into the music business. It's just alota yamma" carries with it an entire carousel of social baggage and judgment. 

You may have an opinion, but based on your observation above, your opinion has no weight to it. 

This again?

Criticizing other's esthetic preferences is not likely to result in a change in said preferences.

And trying to justify one's subjective taste with objective arguments only adds fuel to the fire. 

What a waste of energy...









OTOH Paul McCartney gave a really eloquent explanation of how musci can be modulated in frequency (melody) or time (beat) - and how Rap modulates time - not unlike many classical examples.  he drew a lot of parallels to timing changes in classical.

Now, much popular music post WW2 is really poetry.  So, you need to look at it thru those two lenses. I'm surprised at Ray' comment. I wonder what the context was.


I would never choose to listen to Rap when I have something I enjoy listening to nearby.  I think that is fair and don't need to comment further.  I envision my parent's listening to my music and cringing.  

simao - I cannot say I strongly disagree with what you posted and you stated you are a Deadhead (as am I)

I heard Garcia interviewed and he flatly said Rap is not music - it has a meter - but it is not music.  I thought you would find that interesting.

@rpppr Not particularly. As much as I loved the Dead, I'm not beholden to what Jerry feels about a genre he plainly doesn't understand. Musicians as gifted as he have said the exact opposite.