Raysonic CD-168 vs CEC TL-51XR

I am searching for a new CDP. The Raysonic CD-168 got lots of positive feedbacks (sixmoons-Blue Award etc.). On the other side the CEC Tl-51XR seems to be an "analog" Cdp with a natural sound and a well known transporter with the belt drive.

Who did make a sound comparison or can recommend one of these CDP as soon as possible "objectively"?

Thanks in advance!
I own a Ray 168, best player I've owned and that includes a pricey Wadia and BAT. Very natural sound presentation and I like top loaders since it reminds me of when I used to spin records. The stock tubes in the Ray are decent. I've owned mine about 1 trouble free year.
I had the pleasure of listening to the CEC TL51xr cd player and its quite a good player for the $.
For me it betters the NAD and the Rotel models as this cd player doesnt sound digital. Its smooth and can be analogue sounding depending on the interconnect and powercables one uses.
I have not heard the Ray168 but the reviews also sounds promising.